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I don’t understand why but I really hate this shade of blue

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10 Things we will all miss from our childhood..

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somethingmartinez said:
I just started following you, but I hope you're okay.

I answered:

Thank you so much! ❤️

withlovedarlingg said:
Once you get this you must share 5 facts about you. Then pass it on to your 10 favourite blogs. No backsies xx

I answered:

1) I’m love pigs! If you couldn’t tell by my choice of men 💁
2) I want to enlist; either Navy or Air Force
3)I move back to Arizona in 9 days
4)I’m a princess
5)I believe that god has a reason for everything and that good will come from any bad situation

“If you’re lucky enough to meet the right woman, and she’s stupid enough to fall in love with you, you hang onto her like a son of a bitch.” -Dr. Andy Brown

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Definitely been staying off of social media a lot lately

Okay you left me because I brought up the fact that I want to go into the military and start my life. You made me choose and I tried to choose you. Then after you breakup with me you run back to your ex who’s definitely going nowhere with her life? Oh and who cheated on you. Dude it’s been a day.

Anonymous said:
Are you moving back home?

I answered:

I don’t need to talk about this with an anon



Sloth on a speedboat

laughing so fucking hard

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I just want everything to work out for once….

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19🌻 Arizona to Virginia✈️ A girl so in love with her Sailor ❤️⚓️👫
Instagram: jjjazminerossi

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